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What is e-Learning?

E-learning is electronic learning, and refers employing Information and communication technologies to deliver part, or all of a course of a school, part of business training or a complete distance learning course. Major advantages of e-Learning are explained as follows.

Advantages of e-Learning for Society
• It provides equal opportunities for individuals that have no chance to attend formal education
• It is cost effective since it removes costs of travel, accommodation, and printed materials
• It eliminates geographical and regional barriers since it is independent from time and place
• It provides instructional facilities for the ones who are required to work in a job

Advantages of e-Learning for Students
• Students can learn independently in any time and place
• E-Learning is self-paced and the learning sessions are available all time
• E-learning improves learners’ skills of using information and communication technologies
• Students are provided with single central location for all course materials
• It supports social learning and collaborative activities
• Students have a chance to exchange knowledge and experience with other students and qualified teachers

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